Dyrham Park Country Club
Course fully open. Trolleys and buggies allowed, please use sensibly and keep to fairways/pathways. Work has started on the 12th tee and it is now closed. To access the 12 winter mat, please walk down the side of the 4th tee.


Ladies National Tournament 2017 – Results

•      Abridge Bowl, Singles Gross – Shirley
Yen Pham

•      Dunham Trophy, Singles Gross R/U – Dyrham Park
Laura Raelbrook

•      Whitefield Trophy, Singles Nett – Dyrham Park
Olivia Raelbrook

•      Lee Park Trophy, Singles Nett R/U – Comb Societies
Arlene Bailey

•      Hartsbourne Trophy, Fourball Gross – Dyrham Park
Suzanne Kara and Diana Rubin

•      SJLGC Trophy, Fourball Gross R/U – Dyrham Park
Lori Friedman and Viv Ruocco

•      Moor Allerton Trophy, Fourball Nett – Coombe Hill
Lise Mapletoft and Penny Bourne

•      Edmondstown Trophy, Fourball Nett R/U – Abridge
Oriol Austin and Karen Posner and on back 9
from Deborah Jacobs and Jean Shulton

•      Coombe Hill Trophy, Combined Singles and Fourball Gross – Dyrham Park
Olivia Raelbrook, Suzanne Kara and Diana Rubin

•      Potters Bar Trophy, Combined Singles and Fourball Nett – Comb Societies
Arlene Bailey, Debbie Ross and Andrea Hutter

•      Bonnyton Quaich, Team Singles Nett – Dyrham Park

•      Society Ball, Team Fourball Nett – Abridge
On back 9 from Coombe Hill

•      Shirley Trophy, Team Nett – Coombe Hill
On back 9 from Comb Societies

•      Evelyn Berman Trophy, Team Gross R/U – Shirley

•      Dyrham Park Trophy, Team Gross – Dyrham Park